A collaborative forum for the growth of 
learning opportunities in our community

"Each year of education or job training after high school, whenever it occurs in the course of a career, increases average incomes by 6 to 12 per cent."
Robert Reich in his book "I'll be Short"

"Companies that introduced formal employee-training programmes experienced a 19 per cent rise in productivity compared with firms that did not train their workers."
Mike Moore - former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Director General of the World Trade Organisation. NZ Herald, 3/1/2006.

This web site is for anyone in the Matamata and South Waikato communities interested in learning or teaching - anything. 

Formally or informally. Any age.

This web site is designed to:

  • Disseminate information on adult and community education options to the South Waikato communities
  • Provide a sustainable way to manage the ongoing research of learning needs in the South Waikato communities.
  • Promote the presence of the South Waikato Adult and Community Education Network (ACE)


Disclaimer: This web site is not affiliated with 
The New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education (ACENZ). 

South Waikato Lifelong Learning Group

South Waikato Lifelong Learning group

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