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The Benefits of Lifelong Learning to Organisations

Here are just some of the documented benefits Lifelong Learning for an organisation:

  • Employee participation - people are more motivated to "add their bit"
  • Flexibility - people are able to cope rapidly with a changing environment
  • Creativity - new ideas are free to flourish
  • Teams Work Better - social interpersonal communication skills improve
  • Greater Motivation - increased job satisfaction reduces staff turnover 
  • Improved innovation - able to adapt more efficiently
  • Better Information within the organisation - new challenges can be met faster
  • Better Customer relations - people cope more efficiently with change

What is a Learning Organisation?

These ten indicators describe a Learning Organisation:

1. A Learning organisation can be a company, a professional association, a University, a school, a city, a nation or any group of people, large or small, with a need and a desire to improve performance through learning.
2. A Learning organisation invest in its own future, through the Lifelong Learning of all its people.
3. A Learning organisation creates opportunities for, and encourages, all its people in all its function to fulfil their human potential:
  • as employees, members, professionals or students of the organisation.
  • as ambassadors of the organisation to its customers, clients, audiences and suppliers.
  • as citizens of the wider society in which the organisation exists
  • as human beings with the need to realise their own capabilities
4. A Learning organisation shares its vision of tomorrow with its people and stimulates them to challenge it, to change it and to contribute to it.
5. A Learning organisation integrates work and learning and inspires all its people to seek quality, excellence and continuous improvement in both.
6. A Learning Organisation mobilises all its human talent by putting the emphasis on “Learning” and planning its Education and Training activities accordingly.
7. A Learning Organisations empowers ALL its people to broaden their horizons in harmony with their own preferred learning styles
8. A Learning Organisation applied up to date open and distance delivery technologies appropriately to create broader and more varied learning opportunities.
9. A Learning Organisation responds proactively to the wider needs of the environment and the society in which it operates and encourages its people to likewise.
10. A Learning Organisation learns and relearns constantly in order to remain innovative, inventive, invigorating and in business.

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