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upperskeena.ca - Some Learning Links
Informal education simply means that learning outcomes and goals are not designed prior to students entering a program

Learning Cities Network
The overall objective of the Learning Cities Network is to function as an interaction place and virtual community which encourages interactions

Global Learning City, Region Networks and the PALLACE Project
This was particularly highlighted in the study of 80 European cities and towns made by the author in the year 2000 and the Learning Cities Audit Tool created to gather that information. Imagine, if you will, a system of linked learning cities and regions around the globe, each one using the power of modern information and communication tools to make meaningful contact with each other. Isnt this one of the key challenges to us in the Learning Cities movement? Such an outcome is written into the Cultural Services project led by the City of Espoo, one the worlds foremost learning cities.

Learning Cities Report
Learning Cities/Learning Towns Report. Donald Hirsch, whose report on the Gothenburg Conference has been the source of most of the thinking in the UK.

Learning Cities Network
The Grundtvig NewTELS builds upon the previously implemented Socrates TELS project and aims at helping to create National Networks of Learning Cities.

TELS project - a study of Learning Cities in Europe
The TELS project is a study of Learning Cities in Europe. 2.4.2 Does any organisation participate in European/National Projects to promote or develop Learning Cities?

Learning Communities
Learning Towns and Cities (a survey of 19 UK learning cities and towns in 1998 including a summary of developments) Swansea City and County of Learning 

Shikshantar - The Peoples' Institute for Rethinking Education
Other Experiences and Ideas in Learning Cities: Global Eco-Village Network

Upper Skeena Learning Communities Partnership - Learning Links
Learning Cities provides links to learning cities and towns in the United Kingdom.

gulfnews.com: Dubai joins global cities to explore future of education
The forum titled Working Together to Create Learning Cities of the Future, was recently held in Adelaide in Australia. The event was a precursor to a major international conference to be held in Adelaide in September next year on Sustainable Learning Cities.

Lifelong Learning in Action: Transforming Education for the 21st ...
The author is one of the world's foremost authorities on lifelong learning and in particular, learning cities and learning communities.

Caledon Institute - Setup
Learning concepts and lessons from the learning cities work carried out in the UK. This Caledon series of community stories.. ..Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) created the Office ofLearning Technologies (OLT.. ..learning. 

EAEA - Member Projects
Since 1992 the idea has developed momentum, and at least 20 cities and towns in Britain, from Nottingham and Liverpool to Thetford and Batley, have declared themselves to be "learning cities" or "learning towns". However, their progress has not been well documented, and in 1996, NIACE was commissioned by the UK government to review the state of development of the Learning Cities movement in Britain. Learning Towns, Learning Cities. 

EUROPA - Education and Training - Analysis of questions of mutual ...
A Conference Strand on Learning Cities at the European Lifelong Learning. Further data on 100 cities and their plans to become Learning Cities.

Content - Learning Cities Network
Learning Cities Network. Discussion Forums (5). Publications (2). Slides presentation (1). Voice presentations (1). Learning Cities Network

The Washington Post Writers Group
Unshakable belief in livable, learning cities, and a better urban future?

Partnership Marketplace focusing on award winning. partnerships, youth projects, learning cities and international learning initiatives. 

The Whalesong Project: Whalelog
The Whalesong Project: Whalelog. Building communities with collaborative online technologies

Strategic Economic Solutions - Learning Cities Approaches Short Paper
(Landry and Matarasso 1998 in DfEE Learning Cities ToolKit). The literature on Learning Cities stresses the importance of broadening the notion of participation as a means of democratising public policy processes.

Untitled Document
Learning communities in this restricted sense can be seen as part of larger learning frameworks that put them in context, such as learning cities, professional communities, spiritual communities, political parties, the economy.

Assorted materials related to the learning cities initiative in a number of selected citiesare.. ..conference organizers to develop a generic Charter for Learning Cities, abortive inthe.. ..Lifelong Learning as well as many other British learning city leaders from the learning.. members.shaw.ca/rfaris/docs/learningcities.pdf - 27.3k -

Udaipur As A Learning City
File type:PDF - Download PDF Reader ... Learning Cities is still a nascent movement both conceptually and operationally ... several definitions for Learning Cities that have been developed in different parts of the world 

Lifelong Learning
UNESCO : File type:PDF - Download PDF Reader ... Creating Environments Conducive to Lifelong Learning. Learning Cities/Region in the Framework of Lifelong Learning 

(PDF) ... communities" will be used to encompass the notion of learning cities, town or villages ... At an OECD learning cities conference in. Gothenburg, Sweden in 1992 the OECD placed learning 

Creating Lifelong Learning Cities, towns and regions - The local and regional dimension of lifelong learning
(PDF) ... Input Seminar and the. Learning Cities Festival in Sheffield, where delegates responded positively ... NewTELS, creating an infrastructure of Learning Cities and Learning City expertise

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