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The members of the South Waikato Lifelong Learning Group: 

  • Provide local education pathways for learners
  • Identify and meet community learning needs, including those of Iwi and Pacific community groups
  • Promote and facilitate communication between members, and active participation in the group
  • Operate in a transparent manner: there is knowledge of each otherís operations
  • Resolve problems arising between members
  • Operate collaboratively
  • Remove unnecessary duplication of services
  • Build capacity for tertiary provision in the district
  • Advocate the concept of life long learning
  • Develop partnerships with industry
  • Recognise the functions of Charters and Profiles.
  • Give effect to the Tertiary Education Strategy. 

Current members and observers are:

A number of initiatives contributed to the establishment of the Group:

  • Private Training Establishments (running government funded programs such as TOPs and Access) have run an informal group network since the late 1980ís, collaborating on program promotions and training pathways for students.
  • In 2002, the Learning Strategy Development group (local iwi, District Council, tertiary providers, government departments) began discussions on education as a factor in economic development.
  • The Matamata/South Waikato Adult & Community Education Network was formed in 2004 as an outcome of the government review of ACE funding.
  • In line with the Tertiary Education Strategy of inter-provider collaboration, these networks have now combined to form the South Waikato Lifelong Learning Group.

Members are concerned that the Group be task focused. Projects to date include:

  • Participation in the Economic Development Trust Job Expo 
  • Promotion of literacy and ongoing learning as part of Adult Learning Week 
  • Submissions to SW District Council Long Term Community Plan
  • Establishment of a Work Brokers Forum 
  • Participation in the recent district-wide Skills Gap Survey

Tasks in progress:

  • Liaison with key stakeholders, including schools and local employers
  • Raising the profile of the Groupís members ( e.g. this web site)
  • Ongoing participation in the Skills Gap Project
  • Inter-provider negotiations on reducing program duplication

The Groupís Memorandum of Understanding lists our objectives. (Right-Click here and 'Save As' to download a copy)

South Waikato Lifelong Learning Group

South Waikato Lifelong Learning group

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