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Work Based Training (WBT) is a government funded programme - there is NO cost. It provides you with the opportunity to have practical and relevant work experience in the workplace with the prospect of employment on completion of your training.

Training can work towards achieving unit standards that will lead to a National Certificate aligned to your work placement.

Work Based Training provides the opportunity for you to develop your self-worth and encourages you towards finding part/full time employment.

Work Based Training exposes you to exactly the skills, attitudes and role
models that the employer requires within their industry.

Work Based Training is designed for people who are eligible for Training Opportunity Programmes who are either Youth (16-18 years old) or Mature (18 years and over).

Advantages to the Employer

  • Opportunity to trial and train a prosopective employee at no cost

  • Minimise the time consuming task of advertising and shortlisting CV's

  • A subsidy may be available to help pay wages of condisering employment

  • Introduce nd help people into your industry

  • An extra pair of hands to help you and your business

Training Hours

  • Normal working hours - 30-40 hours per week, Monday to Friday

  • Any times outside these hours are negotiated between the employee, WBT corodinator and trainee

  • Training is a maximum of 8 weeks, however negotiable contracts may be arranged


Contact: Te Aroha Matenga
South Waikato Work Based Training
PO Box 125, Tokoroa
13 Bridge Street, Tokoroa
(Opposite Post Shop)
Tel: +64-7-886 9826
Fax:+64-7-886 9962

Email: Te Aroha Matenga -

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