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Te Wananga o Aotearoa


  • To provide an education that best fits the aspirations of this generation, enhances the dreams of future generations, prepares for understanding the essence of past generations.
  • To equip our people with knowledge of their heritage, their language, their culture so they can handle the world at large with confidence and self-determination.
  • To empower onesí potential for learning as a base for progress in modern world.
  • To make contributions of consequence.
  • To care.
  • To make our world a better place.  

What makes us Unique?

There are many differences between mainstream tertiary education and Te Wananga o Aotearoa. The Wananga programmes are generally very practical with a supportive Maori based environment for new learners.

Teaching methods are specifically geared to support a vast range of learning styles and the student artwork around all the campuses gives it a unique atmosphere. The Wananga grading system reflects it's view that there is no failure, only a 'yet to achieve' status. Everyone is treated as a PERSON who is EQUAL, not just a number.

More often than not, you'll find that you've got the support of whanau (family) inside this organisation anyway.

Advanced Certificate in Contemporary Music
Advanced Certificate in Maori Performing Arts
Advanced Certificate in Security
Advanced Certificate in Te Ara Reo Maori
Advanced Certificate in Tertiary Teaching
Advanced Communication
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Iwi Environmental Management
Bachelor of Maori Performing Arts
Bachelor of Teaching
Certificate in Applied Sports
Certificate in Computing
Certificate in Computing and Business Administration
Certificate in Contemporary Gospel Music
Certificate in Contemporary Music
Certificate in Early Childhood Studies
Certificate in Eco-Cultural Tourism
Certificate in Elementary Construction
Certificate in Employment Skills Extra Mural
Certificate in Iwi Environmental Management and Trusteeship
Certificate in Kaupapa Maori Health
Certificate in Maori Performing Arts
Certificate in Massage
Certificate in Multimedia
Certificate in Nautical Studies
Certificate in Small Business Management
Certificate in Social Sciences
Certificate in Te Ara Reo Maori
Certificate in Teacher Aiding
Certificate in Tourism and Travel
Certificate of Iwi Environmental Management
Degree in Maori Visual Arts
Diploma in Computer Graphic Design
Diploma in Maori Performing Arts
Diploma in Raranga
Diploma in Social Work
Diploma in Te Reo Maori
Diploma in Website Design
Graduate Business Qualifications (GBQ)
Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching
Master of Business Administration
Master of Education
MBA programmes
National Certificate in Adult Education and Training
National Certificate in Sports
NZ Music Theory and Practices
NZIM Certificate in Management

Te Wananga o Aotearoa Site: www.twoa.ac.nz

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